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NETGO app will solve all of your problems regarding buying tram tickets in Nottingham – the city of United Kingdom. With Netgo, purchasing tickets for Nottingham tram’s network whenever you need to go out and about is much faster and safer. The most amazing thing about this tickering app is that it’s totally free and it helps you stay informed with any news or service updates.

What is NETGO app?

Netgo is basically a ticketing app that allows its users to purchase tickets for Nottingham’s tram network in the safest and quickest manner. Furthermore, the app will also notify you whenever there’s an update in the tram service or discount programs.

There are different types of tram tickets to buy, including Day, Group, Weekly and Season tickets. This way you can choose the ticket option that best fits your demands. With just a few taps of a finger, you can easily purchase a tram ticket in under 10 seconds. Students or people that are under 19 can buy Nottingham’s tram tickets with a discount price.

Netgo is basically a ticketing app that allows its users to purchase tickets for Nottingham’s tram network

Best features on NETGO app

Currently, NETGO is providing its users with 5 main features as belows:

My Profile

You can register a new and personalized account on the Netgo app. This way youn won’t have to waste time logging into your account every time you need to buy tram tickets.

Purchase tram tickets

Netgo offers a wide variety of options for tram tickets. You can safely buy single, day, group, weekly or season tickets with just a few clicks. Various payment methods are available to help you pay for the tickets in the most convenient ways. With Netgo, you won’t have to wait in long queues at the ticket machines anymore!

My Tickets and Purchase History

Netgo allows you to get quick access to all of your currently valid tickets. Furthermore, you can also check your purchase history and browse your previous purchases. This way you can easily keep track of your active ticket list, which helps you avoid buying the same ticket twice.

Network Map

The whole Nottingham’s tram network is perfectly described in the Network Map section on Netgo app. Now you can browse the full network map at ease and buy tickets for the nearest tram location. In addition, the network map also makes it hassle-free to plan your journey beforehand.

Service updates

Netgo app keeps you updated with the latest service updates. You’ll be notified about the current status of the tram network. This way you’ll be able to work things out in case any disruption or modification to the service arises. The app also offers other alternative travel options that you might consider.

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Download NETGO app free latest version 2022 for iOS & Android

  • Developer: Tramlink Nottingham United
  • Category: Travel
  • Languages: English
  • Size: 53.2 MB
  • Version: 2.1.11
  • Requirements: iOS 12.1 or above for both iPhone and iPod touch; Android 9+
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • Price: Free

Download and install the latest version of Netgo 2.1.11 on Apple Store and Google Play Store. This version comes with security updates and improved performance. Furthermore, Netgo now allows you to purchase season tickets for Nottingham’s tram network directly on the app.

For more information, you can visit Netgo’s official website: Follow NET on their social media to keep up with the latest news and events:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram: @NETtram
Download NETGO app free latest version 2022 for iOS & Android

All Netgo app’s positive and negative reviews

Positive reviews

Most of the reviews about this Netgo app are positive. According to real users, the app works pretty well and fast. It makes buying tram tickets much easier and the prices are clearly displayed. It’s especially useful for the students in Nottingham.

Furthermore, when buying tram tickets on the Netgo application, you’ll get prices that are 10p cheaper than those you get from the machines. Additionally, buying tickets directly on the app is considered more environmentally friendly. The app provides different payment options, such as Apple pay, American Express…

Moreover, many people say that Netgo does a good job in syncing the users’ data after they have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

Negative reviews

Some users report that they’re facing some account issues. When trying to buy tickets from the app, it’s constantly “fetching the last payment option”. Some also complain about the user interface of Netgo, as the color of the text is quite light.

A few people say that it would be great if the app has more useful features, such as smart cards, timetable…

Some negative reviews also suggest that the developers of Netgo should provide more information about each ticket type and add a zoom-in function for the network map.

Useful tips when using Netgo app

  • Whenever you use Netgo to buy tram tickets, there are some useful tips that you should consider to have the best purchase experience:
  • Make sure your phone has enough battery for when the tram tickets are required to be checked
  • Always carefully check the prices before buying
  • Keep track of your purchase history
  • Choose the payment method that is the most convenient for you
  • Avoid making payment using public wifi internet
  • Download the tram service’s timetable to better plan your journey

How to use NETGO app

Netgo is designed with an easy-to-operate interface, that’s why people at all ages can use it with no difficulty. Here’s how you should use the app:

Step 1: Create your own account.

Step 2: Choose the ticket options that best fit your needs.

Step 3: Proceed with payments.

Step 4: Check your Purchase history to confirm your purchase.

How to use Netgo app to buy tram tickets

With the help of NETGO app, buying tram tickets and planning the routes in advance is no longer a big deal. Say goodbye to the old times when you had to wait for long hours in line in front of the ticket machine. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, especially the ones who you think may need it.

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